What Attracts Men in Women?

What Attracts Men in Women: 4 Main Factors

Unfortunately, the tool that might help every woman attract all men has not been invented yet. Likewise, men tend to criticize top models and fall in love with modest girls. Above all, what is the secret of sexual attraction? What attracts men in women? As a result, according to psychology, there are 4 main elements of physical attraction.

what attracts men in women looksWhat Attracts Men in Women: Factor 1. Smell

The right perfume can stun men and arouse erection, right? Wrong! Most women forget that any perfume or lotion masks the natural odors of the body. Researchers Karl Grammer and Elizabeth Oberzaucher show something mysterious. Seems like, the pheromones that are in woman’s body during the ovulation helps to raise testosterone level in a man. Therefore, that is why he might be attracted to a woman who is running her periods more than to a woman who is not ovulating.

voice attracts men in womenFactor 2. Voice

Most women don’t care about their voice pitch, though, maybe they should. Dr. Gordon Gallup from the New York State University conducted an experiment by asking 10 men to rate the attractiveness of 10 female voices. Most men prefer the higher-pitched voices. As Dr. Gordon Gallup considers, the higher-pitched female voice is an unconscious indication of fertility. “When females are mid-cycle, they’re the most fertile. They are most likely to conceive and their voices are rated as being significantly more attractive,” he says.

close up face attracts men in womenFactor 3. Facial Features

It is quite difficult to say what face is more attractive than other one. Still, some scientists consider that symmetry is what can help distinguish attractive face from an average one. Some psychologists from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland are sure that ovulation is what makes women have a more attractive look. Dr. DeBruine considers that during ovulation, women look healthier and have a bit healthier glow.

man kissing woman near body of waterFactor 4. Kissing

If you want to know whether or not your relationship will be long-lasting, there is an excellent way to find it out – a kiss. The way that your partner is kissing you can tell you a lot about him. After the first kiss you can conclude whether or not you like how he smells. While kissing, all your senses are working to help you find out the sense of his sensuality. Whether or not he is a stepping back kind of a man.
Therefore, if you respect, love and appreciate each other, no doubt, you will be attracted to each other. In conclusion, since love is what attracts men in women, take the arcanum to heart, love each other and enjoy being together!

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