Angel Papi

Good Evening My Sweet Angel Papi,

I am sorry that I keep you waiting and wanting more of me. I am busy with my friend Amy, who is here from another city. We try to get together once a week to catch up and talk about girl stuff. It stealthily fills my soul to share my deepest secret most thoughts and concerns with her. We are having a night for yoga at my place.

It’s so hard to respond to such an eloquent message… It’s nice to feel a bit intimidated by a man’s sex appeal, success, and intellect for a change!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night. The banter, the sexual tension, the wanting and longing to be close and near to you is inexplicable. The laughter is something I want more and more of each and every day.
I truly enjoyed you taking care of me, buying me drinks and not shushing me. I felt so alive and young. We were in heaven I believe.

And when you called me “doll” in your latest email, it just melted me. I love that you care about how I feel and use words to make me feel great. You are so eloquent and sweet.

Every girl should be so lucky to have someone like you in their corner, cheering them on and laughing with them. And once again, you got me with your thoughtful poems about how LOVING I am. I could see them every day and never get tired of looking at them or reading your emotions on paper or actually on my computer screen.

Touching Myself Sweet Papi

It excites me, My Sweet Angel Papi, that I met you and I hope we can share more time together soon, as you are a joy to me. As I recline in my bed mostly nude, touching myself, drinking the wine you so generously bought for us, I reflect on the day. It is very naughty of me to take so long to respond to your most amazing correspondence. I am not yet that well versed in the world of email, and as you know, I am much more used to the mobile phone. But I do like this, although it does take some time and a good effort to display my feelings to you in a meaningful manner. It is very fun for me to write down my thoughts and journal how I am feeling about you, and us.

My Sweet Angel Papi, I like you as well. When I recall the short time we have together, my smile is enormous, my joy is infinity. If I never saw you again, I would be a better person for knowing you. I hope our connection will continue to grow. You are positive, you are sensitive, you are conscious of your health, you are cultured and kind. Together we are powerful. I believe we would inspire each other to no end. I do hope this email finds you well and still craving me, my touch, my mouth.

Until I dream of undressing you, again, my Sweet Angel Papi…

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