The Craving

See Your Soul – Fire Burns Slowly

…can I see your soul? Angel Papi, huh? You call me an Angel Papi? Nice. I like it already. You have such great pet names for me.
First of all, my Mistress of Nobel Strength, Good Morning and Good Day to you.
You are so kind and understanding of my feelings for you. Yes, you kept me waiting and wanting more of you but guess what?
I am fine, as I know you are a busy woman.

Even more, when you have time to give to me then you ALWAYS give me your ALL.
I am satisfied with you. Likewise, you are satisfied with me.
We both love the attention we give each other.
Because, the fire burns slow and steady. Like that of a furnace.
— down to the Pilot
It still burns for us both…until one of us turns up the heat — when it is needed.
Am I jealous? Do you think it could be so?


— Already jealous?
What say you? Tell me it is not so….
My love cannot compete when she arrives. Who is this she that you speak so fondly?

Amy is her name?
Amy arrives to soak up the love she craves from you.
So, stronger is ash left on suns face.
Due to, grow its fingers to reach again.
Therefore, she grabs, energy ebbs an exhausted dance is
in its wind a blown face to cover eyes


Common shallows brow touched with
a brush of cosmic dust.

I tried trust. Where is she, “I asked”?
Who is the she? Amy?
Rather, where is she? Sweetheart?
Because, her fragrance lingers. I wear it eternally.
Amy steals you away from me.

So, cast before my eyes. My sleep is jealous.
Seems like, washed in breaths breath so breathless.
As a result, lost in a world worn by you unassumingly.
Finally, I am jealous but I hold no worries.

I am so glad you were able to coat your love to Amy.
Seems like, she needs you and you her. Nice Dinner. Good place to eat….he he he…
“The number 6 veggie with hot peppers”, says she. YUM!
Such flattery will get you everything. Tell me more. I crave it.


What means “It’s nice to feel a bit intimidated by a man’s sex appeal, success, and intellect for a change”?

Also, what did you mean by, “I wrote an eloquent message?” YIKES!
Certainly, such confusing language even for one such as I.

You love such excitement. You scream out in public. Therefore, I scream with you. Finally, we laugh uncontrollably.

You will not be hushed.
Never will you be shushed.
Not ever will you be rushed.
So, never look to be crushed….
by me. Nope. Not ever. Just…
Touched. Stroked. Loved. Kissed. Missed.
Yes, we were in heaven. In a starlight zone. Where we existed. Wars gone. Problems dissolved.

I am the Ultimate man. The Papi. The Clean, Sexy, Tasty Man. For you.
Maybe, that man that a woman needs when she needs him to be there for her.

You are my Sweet Vapor. I am honest about everything I have said about you. Therefore, you ARE love.
If we never saw each other again, then I would have only known the ONLY person that took me away.
Away. Back to another life. Probably, a life that we once shared in a dimension not known in this life. Do you recall this from me?

Feel it! Our bodily fluids have married. Sensually Eternal.

I See Your Soul

I See Your Soul
Because, in your eyes there is so much more.
So, It goes beyond the deepest blue.
Above all, such beauty I’ve not seen before.
In your eyes I see hope and the love I have for you.

Far beyond the white like freshly fallen snow.
Because, I see your heart pure as a dove.
To explain the wondrous beauty the words I don’t know.
While, all I can give is my own true love.

Flecks of green and yellow spark imagination and fire.
For the reason that, a beauty rarely seen.
Therefore, no artist’s pallet could conspire.
Seems like, a picture so perfect and clean.

For the reason that, far beyond the color, I see what makes you whole.
While, if I look deep inside your eyes my dear,

— I see your soul.

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