Seductive Dreams

I Dream of Seductive Dreams

as Morning awakens me, my Sweetness. I fall into seductive dreams…

How I love the erotic pet names you give to me. So endearing, heartwarming, so sensually descriptive are these seductive dreams.

I love the fact that your mind wanders to thoughts of me. Especially, as soon as you arise from your chamber. Our chamber. How I yearn to be in your presence and how I long to feel your strong arms gripping me. Therefore, holding me and keeping me safe. How your tall, dark and spirited body houses your soul. The seductive image I have of you sexually reclined in my bed. Yes, “Oh yes”, you are in my bed. You rest there so peacefully. You want to stay there for endless loving nights. It feels too natural. It feels so true, so right.

So lucky are you to have such wildlife so close to your bedroom window. Being able to reach out and smell such nature. You can feel and taste the presence of such alluring beauty. Maybe someday, I too will get a glimpse of these marvelous creatures, as well.

Seductive Dreams

When you say,
“I don’t want anything to take you away from me. Similarly, my thoughts are about you each and every night”. Therefore, I say, “Wow. That is every girl’s dream. I could print out those words and hang them in the most exquisite frame. It would outshine all of my other worldly decor”.

When you say,
“You were happy he was there. You would hug him ever so gently. Squeezing him ever so playfully. Letting him know you wanted him there inside your cooking castle.” I say, “I am happy he is there, and yes I squeeze him ever so gently. Somehow I can think of no greater earthly pleasure. I can think of no greater gift. I do not want to think of any other gift. My muscles clench in anticipation of holding you, once again”.

The absolute and unbridled passion of your words. Similarly, they weaken me to no end. They are remnants of my Planet Krypton. Consumed by your flirtations and seductions is my mind. My feminine frame can hardly hold mine own passion. My thoughts endlessly cloud with images of your smile, smell, your laughter, and your huge personality.

Creature Seduced

And then, finally you say these words:

“You would prepare a most wonderful and tasty love soup for him to enjoy. She loves keeping him safe from the cold, outside environment. You feel so alive when he is within your grasp, within your domain, within your soul. How you cry out in extreme excitement when he is there. How you cry out in lonely sadness when he is not present. He is beginning to withdraw. To take leave. “No”, says you, “Please stay”.

These words how they consume me. Coupled with your beauty, kindness, your physical strength, and your manly charms. Who could resist such a creature as you? You seduce me, continually, to no end and I lust after you, uncontrollably. Similarly, I long for more passion and time to spend with you. I am so challenged and excited by you. I am thirsty. Hunger consumes me. Give me more. I need you. I want you. Now!

In conclusion, your essence congeals with mine own. I smell you in my mind. I see you in my mind’s eye. We are both alchemists, mixing, mating, lusting, loving. This is a new destination, a heavenly dimension. A blissful existence.

~~~ Seductive Dreams

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