Secrets of a Successful Blind Date

Secrets of a Successful Blind Date

This arcanum will reveal Secrets of a Successful Blind Date. So, you met someone on the internet and want to meet him in real life. However, this enigmatic guy has never sent you his picture, as he likes blind dates. What about you? Do you like blind date as well? No? Perhaps, you just don’t know all the niceties of blind dates? Anyway, this arcanum may turn out very helpful to you, as it will reveal to you, some secrets of a blind date.

1. Make a Date Only in a Public Place

A blind date has no guarantees, it is better to keep to safety precautions and follow your common sense. Besides, only in a public place you will be able to find out how your partner behaves, whether he is greedy or not, or whether he will suggest paying on your first date. If though, after meeting the guy you will find him ugly or you just don’t like him, it will be easy for you to sneak off from the public place.

secrets blind date couple relaxing2. Find a Point of Contact

If you are not sure that you will be able to keep up the conversation, or just don’t know what to talk about on the first date, it is better to go to the cinema or exhibition. Thus, you will find a common subject for discussion which will help you get to know each other better.

3. Don’t Rush Things

Even if you have been conversing on the internet for a long time, don’t hurry to hug and kiss your partner on the first date. It is possible that after you know him better, you will be very disappointed. So, if you kiss him in lips on the first date, and get sick from him in a couple of days, it will be much more difficult to explain why you have suddenly become cool. The best way is to smile warmly, and before going home kiss his cheek.

secrets of blind date not talking much4. Don’t talk too much

Sometimes people talk too much because they are nervous. Try to restrict yourself and gain self-control. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should keep silent or answer his questions only like “yes” or “no”. However, it is important not to ramble and say nonsense. Try to keep up a reasonable balance: provide your partner with as much information as it is necessary to intrigue him and arouse his interest.

5. Don’t talk about your Ex’s

Remember once and for all, this subject is forbidden on the first date. If your partner asks you direct questions about your ex-boyfriends, try to give him just a little information that is not emotionally colored.

6. Ask Questions

On the blind date it is important to show that you are interested in your partner and want to know as much about him as possible. So, ask him questions. If though, instead of detailed answer he will start telling you a long story, don’t interrupt him. Let him speak on. Otherwise, he may be offended.

7. Don’t Drink Too Much

First, you don’t know your partner yet, second, you don’t know for sure what he thinks about alcohol and drunk women.

8. Be Honest

If after the blind date you are disappointed, don’t give your partner false hope. If your partner asks you out the next time, don’t play games. Just agree or refuse.
In fact, a blind date is always fascinating, especially if you know how to behave on your first date. So, take the tips mentioned above into consideration, and you are sure to have successful results from your blind date.

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