Top 6 Romantic Date Ideas

Top 6 Romantic Date Ideas

You go to the restaurant on the wedding anniversary and to the cinema on Sundays. Are you bored with such a habitual cultural outing? Then why not change this schedule? With a bit of creativity and with our romantic date ideas you will be able to make a nice surprise for your husband and get a lot of fun at your outing.

Romantic date ideas: Idea 1.

Choose a new place for a picnic. If you go for picnics quite often, this time you can make it original. First of all, choose some nice or mysterious place for instance, an ancient city, an island on the river, a mountain river, etc. Similarly, think about a special romantic occasion that will help to induce your husband to go there.

Date Romance Idea 2.

Organize a memories day. It is not necessary to go to the night club where you have first met. Show him the bench where you were sitting and crying 10 years ago, because your future husband invited to a dance your friend instead of you. Maybe, tell him about the feelings that you had at that moment. He will probably be surprised and confess that he hired your friend just to make you jealous. Furthermore, to enliven your conversation, you can get a bottle of some “nostalgic” drink. It doesn’t matter what kind of drink it will be – beer, Coca Cola or wine. The most important thing is to make your honey smile and say, “Do you remember…?”

Idea Romantic Date 3.

Go to hookah-bar together. Let your husband feel like a sultan at least once in a lifetime. Fubsy sofas with pillows, oriental cookies and hookah – he will certainly like such an exotic stuff. Perform a belly dance for him. Belly dancing always turns men on, that is why after you finish your dancing, and he will probably want to spend a very passionate night with you.

Romancing Date Idea 4.

Play a “treasure-search” game with him. One of the most favorite books that every man liked in the childhood was probably the book by Stevenson, and after reading it, each of them dreamt of being a pirate. So, help him make true his childhood dreams into reality. When you are out for a picnic, dig a bottle of his favorite cognac. Then draw a map and give it to him. Let him search the “treasure” using the map.

Romantic date ideas: Idea 5.

Visit a Dolphinarium. Scientists assert that dolphins not only make you mood better but also improve your physical state. After funny performances by dolphins, you will certainly have a lot of impressions to share with each other. And don’t forget to take a camera!

Romantic date ideas: Idea 6.

Dance with him on the roof of a building. A skyscraper, romantic dinner, the city is fussing below, and above all that there are only He and She. It is possible to make such a scene from a Hollywood melodrama come true. Don’t forget about a bottle of nice wine. If the weather is not windy, take some candles as well. Join your hands, admire the night sky and stars, feel as if you are on the top of the world and say “I love you” to each other.
There are much more things that you can do on the date to make it romantic. Just use your fantasy and imagination. And remember, if you are looking for some romantic date ideas, you are on the right way, as you are searching for the ways to make your husband happy. So, good luck to you!
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