Pièce de Pita

Good afternoon My Little Pièce de Pita Doll,
I hope you are having a most wonderful day and I hope my notorious notes finds you smiling. I know you have been looking forward to it with bated breath. Smile.

First of all, you are so sexy to call me “Sweet Papi”. I like it. You are a doll. Really, you are beyond lovely. You do not seem to give yourself credit for the love that you give to men. Everything that I have told you thus far is so so very erotically (((AMAZING))). Especially, when tasting your Pièce de Pita.

Knowing how to love.
Caring for yourself, continuously. Clean.
You are spiritual. Femininity defines you.
Furthermore, you are love.

I really like you very much. I have never ever had such an amazing, unforgettable experience, as I had with you. Because, it was as if we had been together and had been dating for months. I L-O-V-E-D it as well as you.

When we were at Tiramisu’s I wanted to clarify your request. You stated, “I do not understand the “eating pita and kissing” statement. This has never happened for you? Do you mean the kissing in the car? Or eating the pita? I remember eating soup. I do not recall the pita. Too much wine, maybe? Please remind me, sweetie.”

No, it was not too much wine. Yes, I know you remember eating the savory soup and the passionate kissing in the car but the “eating pita and kissing”? Maybe it’s coming back to you?

Pièce de Pita

The pita (pizza-like) meal that we shared, that I have coined, Pièce de Pita. Ringing a bell? Okay, we did it a couple of times. We dipped the pita into the secret tasty herb oil sauce and we both kissed and ate the pita together. Finally, our mouths touching as the Waiters/Waitresses looked on with excitement.

The first time we did it, I allowed you to taste that succulent pièce de pita by your lonesome. Similarly, we were still kissing during this encounter.

The second time we did it we were totally together –
Kissing, eating and exchanging the taste of each other’s lips –
Likewise, feeling the warm moisture matrix-ed with our oils –
Similarly, smelling the sensual aroma due to our proximity –
Consequently, melting into the void of our non-reality –
Above all, wishing only to be enveloped within our souls –
In conclusion, the world did not exist –

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