5 Things You Should Never Tell a Guy (Cosmopolitan)

5 Things You Should Never Tell a Guy (Cosmopolitan)

You are proud of the relationship that you succeeded to build – so open, so honest, so sincere. However, this doesn’t mean that you should blab any thought popping up in your mind. Sometimes a comment that seems absolutely fine to you might irritate your boyfriend badly. So, now it’s time for you to know the things that won’t score any points with the man in your life. It may even drive him nuts. Therefore, never tell a guy a few things.

1) Coddling Your Pet

In your attitude towards your pet a man recognizes your attitude towards him. Most men think that pets are women’s partners in adventure. That is why it may sound disturbing for a man to hear you start talking baby talk to your pet saying something like “Nipsy, wispy. Your mommy loves you, oh yes, she does.”
Coddling a pet makes men suspect that your ideal companion is completely dependent upon you for food. A pet lets you dress him up in colorful wool sweaters, and can be castrated if he starts acting too frisky. Never tell a guy these things.

2) Believing in Magic Power of Stupid Alternative Medicine

A man hates when a woman talks about health and medicine, otherwise, he wouldn’t drink beer at the bar with his friends that often and smoke. However, there is something that men hate even more about women – being obsessed with the idea of magic power of alternative medicine.
People make money on you by advertising spa salons and alternative medicine, and you trust them blindly. This seems stupid to men.
You are fine until you start talking about visits to your vitaminologist, experiences with aromatherapy and reflexology. When though you do start talking about these things, it drives him crazy, no matter how important you may feel it is to share it with him.

3) Never Tell a Guy About Attaching His Worth to His Wallet

You don’t have to convince a guy that you don’t care how much money he monthly makes. A guy knows that sooner or later he would have to break his head over trying to earn more money, as you will need a new cute dress and then new shoes to match your dress, and then a new purse to match your shoes.
There are girls who obsess with how much money men earn. She makes the man think that she assesses him just by the amount of money that he makes. Not by the personal qualities he has. Therefore, guys are sure that there’s always going to be someone out there with deeper pockets than his.

4) Beginning to Talk in the Moments When He Wants to Enjoy Silence

When confronted by natural beauty, men prefer to enjoy it in silence. Women, on the other hand, start talking which seems unbearably stupid to men. Some women when meeting a sunset can’t help commenting about it. Saying something like “That pink is so deep. I think it’s the deepest pink I’ve ever seen.” Who said that you need to comment the things that seem so evident? Or, do you think that by saying it you will open his eyes on the natural beauty while his eyes are already admiring it? So, don’t be surprised if you hear from men something like “Look at that water! It’s just, like, so wet.”

5) Discussing the Latest Gossip

Susie and Mark have broken up or made up; Janet forces her husband to lose 20 pounds. You broke your fingernail yesterday. That is why you had to cut all your nails. Guys don’t care about all these things. Pamela Anderson opens her mouth real wide and accommodates all of Tommy’s manhood? Okay, they do care. As a rule of thumb, unless it concerns naked women, guys don’t want to know, and you have to accept it.

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