Love Bomb

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Description: What Constitutes a Love Bomb? Love bombs are actions to gain your love and trust. Above all, it could be flattery, compliments, romance or promises of the future.

My Dark Sexy Strong Papi,
It makes me so happy that I am able to bring you so much joy as you say. First of all, I get emotional as I write this and as I think of you. Therefore, how can I let myself entertain the feelings I have for you? I do cherish every second that I get to spend with you.

You inspire and intrigue me as well and all of our time spent together is so special to me. Somehow, I will always keep our memories close to my heart and never take you or us for granted. Similarly, I will be here for you for as long as you want me to be. Because, I love our conversations, and I adore how you honor me with your attention and kindness.

Am I drinking wine and wanting to be with you intimately? YES
Do I apologize for being so forward? NO

Porn Love Bomb

It has been such a long day without any words or notes from you. So, I try not to be clingy. For the reason that, a single word from you makes me calm down and just KNOW that you are still there. I thought I might have scared you away, but happy happy happy to read your words at last. Forgive me for seeming so desperate to connect to you. As a man you must need your space. love bombing

My longing to forever hear your voice cannot be quenched. Seems like, I can’t wait to be with you. Probably, I change my panties seven times a day just thinking of you. Rather, it seems like such a dream when I can’t see you, feel you, hold you and taste you. I am attracted to you and would give you such pleasure,  as I am sure you would as well.  I am deeply moved by all of your wooing and word porn.  Therefore, you have me.  Yet I need more.  Because, you make me hunger for it.

Hope you never get tired of word porn. Our word porn is like the Kryptonite love bomb you spoke of earlier.  Seems like, it controls me and makes me weak. I even seem to be more feminine and it forces me to lose any strength I thought I had in me.  Your words hypnotize me and It makes me want to BE with you intimately:  sensually, sexually, spiritually, and intellectually.  It makes me surrender myself to you.

Love bombing works because humans have a natural need to feel good about who we are, and often we can’t fill this need on our own.

Love Bomb Dreams Fulfilled

I give you all the carnal desires of your heart.  Therefore, your dreams are fulfilled.  We role-play, we sing, we dance, we make love, we share a bed, we snuggle, we sleep, we wake.  Rather, we eat, make love, eat and talk and make love again and again. Seems like, we are filled with passion and caring for each other.  Due to, us wanting no other persons for intimacy.

Seems like, such craving burns within my soul and needs you to hear me. First of all, I will carefully and secretly drag you into my lady love lair. Furthermore, sinking my talons into your sexy manly masculine flesh. Likewise, ripping your brawny bad-ass muscle meat to shreds and collecting your DNA under my debauchery naughty nails of exotic love. Above all, adding it, like a Black Widow’s trophy, to my experienced collection. Finally, I then, gaze into your eyes with a hypnotic hold and usurp your soul into mine. Finally, we eventually crave only each other.

So overcome with passion……

What strange emotions flow through me…

How can this be my reality? Or is it?

When will I awake and all this comes crashing down?

If the world’s people could feel one third of what I feel now…..

Explosive Device Unleashed

love bombEven if all this love bombing is mere fantasy, I shall soak it up. Certainly, I will drink it up and be fed by its colors. True, your words should be enough to make a girl crave your attention and love and desire. For the reason that, if this love bomb ends suddenly, I will have the fondest memories. Furthermore, no man can take those away from me and on my death bed I will say that I have had the most wonderful life. Because, I was loved by someone as amazing as you.

You say we are satisfied with each other.  Are we? Do I really know what you desire? Do you really know what I need? What I crave, what I live for?  Do you wish to find out? I will not pretend that I am fully satisfied.  I am not naive.  In some respects, yes maybe, but deep down I am a businesswoman, who knows what she likes, what she needs and what she can not do without.  Negotiate, compromise, communicate and make love.  If friends are made along the way, then great.  Likewise, if lasting relationships abound, then even better, but not expected.  I think you like to play.  I am a strong woman who enjoys her femininity. Therefore, I like to play.

What a Beautiful Mess I’m In

Your love is new, but it is strong.
Rather, I am refreshed by your being.
While, your passion is strong, but so gentle.
Hence, your gentleness is very refreshing.
Above all, I am better when you are around.

What a beautiful mess I’m in.
What a sweet addiction that I’m caught up in.

— I Can’t stop the hunger for your love…

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