How to Avoid STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

How to Avoid STD ‘s

Many people think that it is impossible to be infected with sexual transmitted diseases from the person who does not seem to have any symptoms. However, most infections may have no symptoms at all. Therefore, that is why absence of any symptoms should not be a reason to trust your health to a person. Moreover, some sexual infections can be transmitted not only during coitus but also through blood. There are several simple rules about how to avoid an STD that you should always keep in mind and think about BEFORE having sexual contact:

How to Avoid STD’s: Rule 1. Stay Away From One-Night Stands

Nobody can guarantee that the most “decent” men and women are healthy. Neither appearance, nor education, social or marital status can tell you if he/she has or has not STD’s. What is more, infected people may be 100% sure that they are healthy and be insensible of their infection.

How to avoid an STD: Rule 2. Use Condoms

Condoms are a classical means of preventing STD’s. However, its effectiveness is not always of 100%. Sometimes condoms can slide off, thus, endangering people to catch STD’s. That is why you should always read manual to using condoms before you actually use them.

Rule 3. Avoid Coituses with People Belonging to High-Risk Group of STD’s

Using a condom is necessary if your potential sexual partner contacts blood at work (e.g. laboratory assistant, people involved into blood transfusion, etc.). Also, use a condom if your partner uses drugs intravenously (in case you noted syringe marks in the forearm) or prefers group sex.

How to Avoid an STD: Rule 4. Care About Your Personal Hygiene

Require the same from your partner. Never ever use someone’s personal care items: towels, sponges, underclothes, slippers, brushes, etc.

How to Avoid STD’s – Reduce The Number of Sexual Partners – Rule 5.

Make your sexual behavior safe. Above all, reduce the number of your sexual partners. It is better to have only one sexual partner that you trust. In conclusion, this advice is useful for people of any sexual orientation.
Any kind of sexual life is more or less under the risk of catching STD’s. Unfortunately, we cannot secure ourselves against STD’s, completely. In conclusion, it is possible to reduce the risk of catching STD’s. Use this arcanum into consideration, and you will be highly aware of how to avoid STD’s.

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