How to Avoid Pregnancy: Top 10 Methods

How to Avoid Pregnancy: Top 10 Methods

Today, there is a great variety of contraceptives. These varieties can help you avoid an undesirable pregnancy. Above all, these varieties can help you avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Each of them has its advantages as well as the disadvantages. This Arcanum presents the top 10 methods to avoid pregnancy.

calendar method from 11 to 15 days std• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Calendar Method

The calendar method has its base on the hypothesis that the minimal possibility for a woman to become pregnant is on the 11th up to the 15th day of her menstrual cycle.
Disadvantages: This method is effective only if a woman has a steady menstrual cycle that lasts 28 days. However, this method cannot protect a woman from sexual infections.

syringe method wash vagina use sperm killing creamHow to Avoid Pregnancy: Syringing

Syringing is washing out vagina with different solutions killing spermatozoon. Vaginal douching is another name for syringing. It has its use for personal hygiene, preventing or treating an infection. In other words, to cleanse after menstruation or sex, and to prevent pregnancy.
Disadvantages: Frequent syringing can wash out not only sperm but also wholesome micro flora. In addition, this can result in dysbacteriosis, thrush, and other health problems.

how to avoid pregnancy interrupt sex pull out penis before ejaculation• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Interrupted Coitus

This method consists of pulling out the penis right before ejaculation, therefore, avoiding the possibility for the sperm to get to vagina.
Disadvantages: This method cannot guarantee avoiding pregnancy. During the coitus experience, spermatic liquid containing about 10 – 20 million spermatozoon is releases itself into the vagina. Therefore, it is impossible to control the release of this liquid. Above all, interrupted coitus in the most “dramatic” moment can also cause impotence or frigidity.

gels creams suppositories solutions killing spermatozoon• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Suppositories, Gels, Creams, Tampon-Spermicidal Devices

These remedies places itself into the vagina some time before coitus. In other words, the functioning phase of these remedies lasts about 40 minutes, and tampon-spermicidal devices function 10 – 12 hours. Therefore, this method is perfect for infrequent coituses.
Advantages: Apart from the pregnancy being effectively preventative, most of these remedies can prevent the production of microbes and viruses.
Disadvantages: The frequent use of chemical contraceptives can make an unhealthy impact on the micro flora of the vagina. In conclusion, maybe extra dosages of Lactobacillus Acidophilus would be in order.

popular method of contraceptive 95 percent• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Male Condoms

It is a rather popular and reliable method of contraception. If one uses these correctly, condoms can prevent pregnancy up to 95 – 99%.
Advantages: No doubt, however, condoms are very reliable and can be used as an element of erotic games.
Disadvantages: Sometimes condoms can be torn, especially if one uses them incorrectly.

how to avoid pregnancy difficult to use female condoms• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Female Condoms

A female condom is a small sack made of polyurethane. The one end of which places itself into the vagina. The edges places itself over the vulva lips.
Advantages: Female condoms can prevent you from pregnancy and you don’t have to change them frequently.
Disadvantages: It is quite difficult in use.

female contraceptive barrier extract 4 hours after sex• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Diaphragms

It is a barrier. The one edge of which places itself above the pubic bone. The other one at the back vault of vagina. Above all, extraction of this device has need within the next 3 – 4 hours after coitus.
Advantages: A highly-effective means of avoiding pregnancy. Therefore, no need to change device before any new coitus.
Disadvantages: Does not prevent contracting sexual infections.

contraceptive hormone pills cure abnormalities• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Hormone Pills

Hormone pills prevent the ovigerm from maturing and getting out of ovary.
Advantages: Highly-effective method of avoiding pregnancy. Therefore, it is easy to use and can also be used for curing abnormalities of menstrual cycle, acne and PMS.
Disadvantages: Hormone pills do not prevent contracting sexual infections. Therefore, they can have side effects including depression, headaches, breast aches, etc.

hormone injections like pills not use every day• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Hormone Injections

The hormone injections have the same affect as the hormone pills. Therefore, a recommendation is only for parous (one or more births) women.
Advantages: You don’t have to use pills every day.
Disadvantages: The effect of hormone injections cannot be neutralized.

maybe ectopic pregnancy iud intrauterine device• How to Avoid Pregnancy: Intrauterine Device

The foreign body (intrauterine device) in uterus intensifies peristalsis. The ovigerm moves through uterine tube and cannot connect spermatozoon.
Advantages: A highly-effective method for couples having regular coitus.
Disadvantages: A high possibility of extra-uterine pregnancy. Above all, the foreign body in the uterus can cause erosive and inflammatory processes.

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