How to Find Out if a Man Is Married

This arcanum details very helpful information about how to find out if a man has a wife

Are you Single?

In order to avoid distressing romances, some honest girls ask their partners at once if they are single. They really do hope to get an honest answer. Rather naively, isn’t it? How to find out if a man is married, if he truly likes you, most likely, he will tell you that he is single. You will start dating, planning common children and, of course, marriage. Suddenly, just like a thunder in a clear blue sky, the truth uncovers itself. Your fiancé is already has a wife and even has children. You are a mistress having not the least suspicion about his lies.

Lies! Lies! Lies!

We have studied this type of man who seem to be serious about their relationship with a new passion but, in fact are just thrill-seekers. Lies add a note of something erotic and dramatic that they miss so much in their daily conjugal life. However, if you know how to find out if a man is married, you will be able to avoid possible problems.

Tricks of the Trade

Every undercover agent knows female weaknesses and he uses his knowledge with everyday practice. Here are some tricks that he may resort to doing in order to make you fall in love with him.

is man married new romantic placeHow to find out if a Man is Married: Sign 1.

Every day he bring you to a new romantic place to impress you. Parks, cafes, restaurants, cinemas and other places for sweethearts are where he will certainly bring you. He lacks novelty and originality in his relationship with his wife and that is why he will be extremely gallant, sentimental and ingenious with you.

man married family choice destinyHow to find out if a Man is Married: Sign 2.

He demonstrates his serious intentions by saying something like “What a miracle that I was able to find you! You are my destiny!” He himself starts to believe that it is true. However, if he has to make a choice between his family and you being “his destiny”, it’s 100% that he will choose his wife.

he stares at you heartfelt lookHow to find out that a Man is Married: Sign 3.

He stares at you with such a heartfelt look. What is more, he is doing it constantly. Usually, loving couples like playing such games as looking passionately at each other. A piercing look is both an erotic call and the check of your feelings. Most men are sure that women’s eyes can tell more than words. However, this game is also one of the favorite tricks of guys who want to hide something from you, and most likely, this “something” is just another woman.

he is married single man lawHow to find out that a Man is Married. Sign 4.

He easily shows you the document proving that he is single. However, today it is not important to marry by law. Many people do not consider that stamp to be important. He may live with another woman and have a lot of children from her but not marry her. Usually, a man does not want to marry anyone if he likes “going to the left” very often.

cooker warmness hangs linenHow to find out that a man is married. Sign 5.

He shows his warmness and care about you. A competitive cooker to you he would certainly be. He will help you hang the linen from the washing machine and go shopping with you. In fact, it is his way of self-actualization. Most likely, his wife nags him for being careless about everyday necessities. So, his wife is a “pain in the neck” and you are a wonderful princess. Kissing him for every nail he hammers into the wall.

distant future opposed to nearest future married manHow to find out that a Man has a Wife. Sign 6.

He makes plans for the nearest future with you. A married man does not make plans for the distant future. Only for the nearest one. He promises to hang you a curtain rod, go to some concert, museum or theatre with you the coming weekends.

become mistress no flowers chocolatesHow to find out if That Man has a Wife. Sign 7.

He does not give you small gifts. A man with a wife differs from the single one for giving you no flowers, expensive jewelry, etc. At the best, he can buy you a box of chocolate candies. He can demonstrate to you his generosity only if you agree to become his mistress “legally”. Maybe in this case, he will treat you as his second wife and start buying you expensive gifts. Right now he offers you only his male help.

In Conclusion, Be Careful

No one has assurances against the possibility of falling in love with a married man. However, if you know how to find out if a man has a wife, you will be able to avoid this possibility. So, please take this arcanum into consideration, and be careful!

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