Earth’s Musical Note

The earth, as it rotates, emits a frequency – a musical note at 7.83 Hz, but this frequency alters slightly for reasons as yet uncertain. In addition, some postulates solar flares as its cause or electrical disturbances in the atmosphere. But maybe there’s a simpler explanation. As a result, maybe the sound of the planet has its influence by the 7 billion souls whirring around it. Each producing their own music, in addition, to adding their own harmony. This is earth’s musical note.

The chromatic scale consists of 12 tones arranged in time and sequence. These 12 simple tones create an infinite variety of music. Harmony and dissonance. Tension and resolution. All can be described by the mathematical ratios between tones. If we could translate all ratios into sound, we can hear the Music of the Spheres. Earth’s musical note. A sound as immense, as powerful as the universe itself. As quiet as a single stone. As beguiling as the human heart. For some, music elevates the spirit to a place of transcendent beauty. Others simply hear the beauty in the numbers themselves.

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