Body Language

This arcanum presents highly useful information about body language and how to understand its signals

Body Language

Usually we transmit information about our attitude towards people subconsciously, as well as we receive this information from other people. Even men who have the most experience say that a woman who can control her body, can deprive them of the ability to think. Though, most of men know how intriguing body language can be, they are still ready for the deceit.
Indeed, in order to attract a men’s attention, carry him away even without stirring up sexual desire, a woman does not need words. Sometimes words can spoil everything. What helps a woman seduce even a holy man is the body language – gestures, mimics, poses, etc. In conclusion, when trying to understand what information a man is trying to transmit you, it is important to take into consideration 3 main rules.

3 Main Rules

Rule 1 – Signals Should have an Interpretation by Small Portions

Just like any other language, body language consists of words, phrases, sentences and punctuation. Therefore, every gesture is a separate word that can have several different meanings. In addition, it is possible to understand the exact meaning of a certain word, only if it has inclusion into a sentence and it has connections with other words. Sentences consisting of gestures have a definition you would call “chains”.

Never try to interpret the meaning of a separate gesture apart from others. For instance, scratching the back of head can have a lot of different meanings. Maybe, a person has dandruff or fleas, maybe he’s hot. Maybe he is irresolute, forgot something or trying to deceive you. Everything depends on other gestures that he is performing at the same time. In order to interpret the signal of a body language correctly, you have to consider it in combination with others.

Rule 2 – Take into Consideration the Context

Never try to interpret a certain gesture outside the context. The chains should be assessed only within a certain context. For example, if a man is sitting at the bus-stop, with his arms and legs crossed, his chin pressed to his bosom, he is probably cold. In this context, his position can hardly be interpreted as a defensive.

Rule 3 – Take into Consideration Cultural Differences

In different countries one and the same gesture may have absolutely different meaning. For example, what is considered an “okay” gesture in the United States, may mean “money” in Japan and sexual insult in some Mediterranean countries.

Why Women Are Better Than Men

A man’s mind sometimes is not able to perceive insignificant nonverbal tone signals. That’s why women find some men inconsiderate. They often nag their husbands saying something like “Can you see how I am looking at you? Anyone would understand what I meant”. In fact, any woman would understand this but not a man. Men are not soulless, but their brain is not coded for recognizing subtle signals of the body language.

When a woman says, “I see you are upset” or “I see you disagree”, it means that she really sees the signals of grief or disagreement. A woman notes that the body language signals made by a man are contrary to what he is saying. Men are always surprised when women are able to see disagreement, anger, lies or grief. The reason is that the male brain is not adapted to receive delicate nuances of body language, while female brain copes with this task excellently. That is why it is useless to lie to a woman. It is much safer to do it via phone.

How to Learn and Understand Body Language

Spend at least 15 minutes a day learning to interpret other people’s gestures. It is easier to do it in the places where people meet and interact, e.g. airports. Here you can see almost all kinds of gestures – joy, anger, sorrow, happiness, impatience, etc. One more effective way to learn the body language is watching TV with the sound muted. Mute the sound for several minutes and then check if you have interpreted the behavior of characters correctly. Very soon you will be able to watch movies without sound and understand what is going on exactly.

Positive Signals of Body Language

1. Head Bent Aside

We bend our heads aside when we show interest in what we see or what we hear. If your partner has bent his head aside, continue talking. If he straightens his back and shakes up his head, try to involve him into conversation or change the topic.

2. Touching the Cheek with Hand

This gesture means that your partner agrees with you. If a man is holding his head instead of just touching it with forefinger, he lost his interest to what you are saying.

3. Biting a Pen, Pencil or Lip

This gesture is a signal of assessment. A person may bite a pen, pencil or his own lips when trying to take a decision. This gesture’s use can also display the deviation from an answer, as a person may feel that he has no need to respond when his mouth is busy.

4. Slope Forward

Slope forward usually has a connotation when people try to get closer to someone they like.

5. Display of the Thumbs

People often put out their thumbs from the pockets. The display of the thumbs is the demonstration of superiority and confidence. Similarly, if a man puts his thumbs out from his pockets, he probably likes you.

6. Both Hands are Put Behind the Head

This gesture is peculiar to almost all men. It demonstrates complete confidence. Similarly, if you start a conversation with your boyfriend, and he puts his hands behind the head, most likely, he knows what you are going to talk about.

Negative Signals of Body Language

1. Critical assessment

The use of this gesture by different people has a negative connotation towards what you are saying. Similarly, the forefinger is lying on the cheek. The thumb is holding the chin and the index finger lays either under the lips or hiding the mouth.

2. Shaking off a Fictitious Mote

Shaking off a fictitious mote means a disapproving attitude to what a person hears. If he is looking aside while shaking off a mote, say something like “I see you have a question”. Usually in such situations this phrase works perfectly.

3. Pulling of the collar

When a person is angry, worries or tries to lie to you, he feels pang in the area of his neck that makes him pull on his collar.

4. Rubbing the Neck

A strong tension or pressure makes a person rub or scratch his neck. Usually a person may scratch the neck when a person disagrees with you about something. Therefore, tension causes this feeling because of the micro muscles in the neck area.

5. Rubbing the Palms Slowly

If a person is rubbing his palms intensively and quickly, he probably likes the results of your conversation. If though, he is doing it slowly, most likely, he is going to harm you or say something offensive.

So, What is He Trying to Tell You in His Body Language?

Can you understand what a guy is trying to tell you by his body language? No doubt! Just keep your eye on him and try to find out how he behaves when you are next to him. If he readjusts his tie, collar, straightens out his jacket, fiddles with a pin on a tie or sleeks his hair, most likely, he needs your attention. In addition, if during the conversation with you he puts his thumbs in his pants near his belt, be sure, he is dreaming of sex with you, as he tries to attract your attention to the most cult-object.

Body language is like a puzzle – you may have all the necessary pieces but you have no idea how to make the whole picture. In addition, always remember the main rule of body language: you cannot interpret gestures apart from each other. Always make chains. Take into consideration the context and cultural differences. Using your knowledge of body language will help you see evident things in everyday life.

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